Monday, April 30, 2012

Even Silence Has It's Sound... ^_^

It’s been two months I didn’t updating this blog… sorry for that…. March and April are indeed the hectic months of the year with all the SBE and assignments… today is first May.... thank God, that means the semester break are around the corner already…ok, let’s stop with the crap and it is time to update what I have done during these two months that was filled with silence…

First of all, on March, since it was mid-sem break, I hang out with my sisters and one of my friend that will join me to have our SBE Phase III in Miri…we went to the beaches, to the malls, to Bakong, to Public Park, to Miri Crocodile Farm and so on…  

> all the 'Duyung' of my family <

> my friend, Radziah, with my sisters <

> my sister <

> my family <

> the four of us <

I also went for SBE Phase III at SK. Pujut Corner… I’ve met great kids there… I also enjoy my first teaching there even though it was only for 60 minutes…   

> the school <

> the class that I taught for 60 minutes <

Then I went back to KK and it was the time to finishing up all the assignments… Living as a student was really a chaotic life… Sometimes we may not have the time to relax our mind, body and soul…

> we were told to act as school children for our micro-teaching session <

> our group were assessed for the micro-teaching <

Even though our life is a chaos and our room was so messy because all of the teaching aids thingy, we still enjoying life in KK… having chocolate time with my roommates, movie-ing time with friends, and so on…   

> the wonder of God, happened recently, indeed a beautiful sun <

> our (my roommates and I) obsession <

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