Monday, March 5, 2012

Hair Problem!!

last holiday, i managed to get my hair perm...its digital perm...but the result didnt last long...the waves is so hard to maintain!!

this picture taken a few minutes after applying mousse...noted that, i applied mousse when my hair is still damp...

this one was taken after a nite my hair being applied with mousse..
the waves not so that beautiful...i dont like it...this one also, i applied mousse when my hair is damp the nite before this picture was taken...

this picture also the same with the above one...see, the waves, not so clear..

and this one, almost straight already...this one is without mousse...i washed my hair at 7 pm today...this picture taken after my hair dried already...

i spent hundreds just to get my to be perm, but it ended up like this after 3 months...sedih ni bah...even if i apply mousse, the waves only last for 2 or 3 hour only..

*my mum said, next time, no more perm hair, ur hair kan, even kena perm is also straight...!! buang duit jak bt rambut km ni...*


  1. rasanya tu overcome problem macam kamu ni, kena buat treatment sekali kot. either before or after perm. baru tahan lama sikit sebab rambut kamu memang asli straight. so, memang susah ubat tu menyerap macam tu. contoh, klu rambut hitam n nak dye kaler laen kena bleach dulu. so konsep sme la ngn perm hair. sorry panjang lak komen. just idea je ni. tak tau betul ke tak

  2. aritu kan masa sy bt rambut, sy da bt treatment juga...masalah btl bah rambut sy ni...