Friday, January 6, 2012

What I did last semester break???'s been a month I didn't update this blog...hehe..btw, I didn’t manage to spend time with my friends when I was in Miri..Sorry for that, friends..I was never meant to postponed our meeting for many times..I do love hanging out hanging out with guys..but unfortunately, we just don’t have right time to meet up..hehe..I am too busy with my own schedules..(cuti pun masih da schedule lg, hahaha...)...hmmm...

Anyway, I am very happy that I manage to persuade my parents to buy me a new baby...haha...the old camera was a lousy one...hate’s Canon Ixus 220 HS...thanks dad and mom and God for answering and making my dream come into reality...Here are some photos taken using my new baby...i’m still a new user, so there are many functions in the camera that have to be explored...

This first photo was taken after a day it was bought...while the rest is my favorite photos…especially the Christmas’s a beautiful, 6 feet tall Christmas Tree...(definitely it is beautiful, I am one to the decorator)...haha...actually, all of my family members decorated this Christmas Tree... There are some photos of my younger sisters also...only the two of us went out that time plus my dad..but he went out for his meeting...while my dad were having his meeting with his colleague, we took that opportunity to take various photos (gambar benda mcm2 dan xberguna, smpkan pasir pun nak digambar...haha..)...wasting the camera’s memory card...all the photos were non-edited is originally captured by using various function of the camera itself... 

Lastly, hugs and kisses from me...hehe..


  1. wow.great quality of pictures!cantikkk

  2. eh akhirnya dpt juga sy leave comment..heheh

  3. hehe...TQ..tula..tau km, smp kul 3 pagi td sy g repair blog ni...ntah papa jak sy sy nk template putih sbenarnya...cuma susah mau cari..taik betul...

  4. haha..ok la yg ni..asal dpt..btw nice header..SEE stands forur name kn..ngam btul..hihi

  5. tu la...blank sy nk buat nama pa utk blog ni...