Sunday, May 6, 2012


i may be always blur, clueless and clumsy when u talk to me..
but i know that my friends love me...
my friend said,

mark my words,
i always love u as my friend..
well, u always inspire me n the thing i like the most about u is your smile,
when u smile, i smile too, 
but if u were sad, im wondering why..
just that...

im so glad to have a friend like this..but deep down in my heart, i smell somthing fishy after he said that i am his first wife..wtheck??? first wife?? since when?? he laugh and then said i'm just kidding..sepa suruh km muncul dlm skeliling hidup my first wife arrr, sy booking suda...wtheck btl xpa la...y penting, there are people who really ambil berat pasal sy...hehe...what a wonderful life to be love by people that surround us even though it is just by chance that we met in this college, and by choice we became friends....there are many friends, but yet to have the best friends among the best that u have, that will always stay beside u whenever u r down or ur life is at the top there, it is very hard to find people like them is this world....
but, thanks GOD, i do have friends like that in my life when i thought that there are none...

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