Friday, June 24, 2011


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That time, I was only 15 years old. The proposal was accepted blindly by me. I did not think of the consequences or what will happen to me if I’m saying ‘Yes, I do’ to the offer. My confirmation to the proposal leads to a relationship that is full of sweetness, bitterness, and living life as a person that full of mendacity. In short, it is a sweet and sour relationship. Against all the odd, we managed to cope with each other to stay strong even though we were shaken by hindrance.  
****hehe…I hope you’ll be continue reading the story…hmmm…I think I’m going to write up the story according to the age of the relationships of the couple…errrmmm… maybe there will be no dialogue in the story also…I didn’t have enough skills to write story using dialogue…I prefer to write the story in my point of views..i think it’s better that way because this method makes me easier to think and write and make my story short but the content, it’s understandable…if I think I should put some dialogue, maybe I’ll put it in but not so many dialogue la…****
The first year of the relationship:
For the first year, I did not pay any attention to the relationship. I am just me. I did not care if he wants my attention or not. I just ignore him. But he, he never know what is ‘giving up’ all about. He keep on calling me day and night just to know is everything alright or not. At first, I think why a boyfriend should be like that. Even small things like taking my meals also, he wants to know. He wants to know everything that I do. I feel like I’ve been reporting my routine to a policeman. I have not been mesmerized by any of his so call show-off-caring-calls. It is just annoying and childish for me.
I don’t really give my commitment to the relationship. There’s happen to be sometimes where he asking me whether I truly love him or not. “Are you really in love with me?” he asked. Oh my God! How am I going to answer him? With trembling voice, I answered his question with another question. “Can we change the topic?” I asked back. Then he would reply, “Up to you.” And then he will purposely make don’t know that his question is not answered yet. This continues for about seven months. I feel reticent to tell him what my true feeling for him. I just say “Yes, I do” for fun. I taught our relationship will end after several months. And I also taught that we were going to end up our relationship just like my other friends. Most of my friends broke up after few weeks or less than 3 months.      
****to be/may be continued (if there's request, i'll continue the story, if no request, i guess, that's all...) haha...lazy ooo...**** 

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